Carlos Franco, Force Elite Parent

My son has an opportunity to play D1 baseball at the University of Iowa and at D3 Rose-Hulman as well as some other schools. I firmly believe that Randy Dunnett and his coaching staff are a big reason for his success. The skills that they teach and their training are outstanding and they’ve been working with my son since he was 9 years old. A great big thanks goes out to Force Elite Baseball!

Donn Pall, former Major League Player and Force Elite Parent

Thank you for all your help working with my son, Mark. I have full confidence in the things Randy Dunnett and his staff are teaching him to excel as a pitcher. He enjoys going to your place to work, learn and progress. You have improved his mechanics, his velocity, his strength, his mental attitude on the mound, and ingrained in him the proper mind frame to be at his best. He is much better prepared for his senior season in high school and to pitch in college next year.

Michael Lara, Parent (Little Sluggers)

Just wanted to give a big Thanks to Force Elite Baseball! My 7yr old son Chris has been with your trainers for 2yrs now. Because of your outstanding coaches and knowledge for the game he will be playing up in his 2013 season for a 9U team! Force Elite Baseball will be our home for years to come and I will always recommend young athletic to your program to improve their game! You guys are great! By far THE BEST youth program around! Force Elite Baseball IS the real deal!

Pat Fitzmaurice, Force Elite Parent

Shout out to the Force Elite coaches for the awesome instruction and confidence reinforcement. Randy & Andrew- You guys along with Mike, Ramos, and Joe do such a great job with the young ball players. So glad Nick has been fortunate to be involved with the Force team.

Matt Zaleski, Chicago White Sox

A big shout out and thanks to all players and coaches at Force Elite Baseball. This was my sixth off season at Force Elite (coaching and training) and I’ve seen it grow and get better every year. I often found myself sitting around the office discussing baseball scenarios, drills and other topics where Randy, Andrew, Mark, Ryan and myself would share ideas.  Force Elite has vast mental knowledge of the game and mechanics of it which helps when your like me and don’t have talent.  Best of luck this season to all players and coaches! Thanks again!!!! See you guys in October.

Ryan Court, Arizona Diamondbacks

Wanted to say thank you guys for all of your help this past offseason! There’s a reason I drove 45 min everyday to your facility…and that’s cause you guys are the best! Not only is your coaching and baseball intelligence through the roof, but the fun you guys have doing what you do is addicting. It was a pleasure to work out at your facility and I’m excited for spring training!! Thanks again!

Lisa Kohler, Force Elite Parent

I just wanted to write and thank the three of you.  Scott found out on Thursday that he made his high school team.  Playing baseball in high school has been a goal of Scott’s since he was little and I believe the training, encouragement, and coaching he has received at Finish Strong to be instrumental in his reaching this goal.  Thank you so much for all you’ve done for Scott and for the continued excellence you provide to all your players.

Rodger Foreman, Men’s Open Workout

All are welcomed to Men’s Workouts hosted by Force Elite Baseball. This baseball workout is considered the best value in the Chicagoland Area! We stretch, play some catch, take a ton of fungos (with throws to first), turn some double plays, and finish with a great round of BP. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! Come enjoy our clubhouse atmosphere and focus on a productive day of baseball training! Cost is only $20 per session.

Jeff Konrad, Former Force Elite Player

Finish Strong Sports Complex and the Force Elite baseball program have been key to my growth, maturation, and development as a player, mentor, and a man. I started going to Finish Strong on a regular basis when I was in my freshman year of high school. Being a late bloomer, it was essential for me to put in the extra effort to be as good as other players my age and have a change to make my high school team. My game was flawed; I was out of shape, slow, scared, and a little hesitant in all aspects of the game. With the help of Coach Randy Dunnett, I was able to mold my game to fit the form of a quality ball player.

I continued my training with Finish Strong and the Force Elite program for the remainder of my high school career. I was at the facility 3 times a week during the fall and winter preparing for the season. After my skills deteriorated throughout the high school season, I was right back to the facility, greeted by the great coaches that worked hard to help me improve.

Over the years, Coach Dunnett, Coach Elke, Coach Ramos, Coach Joe McCarthy, Coach Mike Triumph, and Coach Matt Zaleski helped me to become a better baseball player, a better leader, and a better man. I cannot thank them enough for the hard work and dedication they put in to my wellness and improvement. These coaches dedicate their time and efforts to seeing us young men succeed and grow. They not only tell us the difference between right and wrong, they show us. Finish Strong coaches show us that they care about our well being and they want us to see baseball not only as a game, but a way to live life off of. The lessons that are learned through the game of baseball will be used every day for the rest of my life. So much of that, I have to credit to the leaders of Finish Strong.

I have built relationships with these coaches that I can lean on for the rest of my life. These coaches are my role models, leaders, coaches, mentors, teachers, and most of all, these coaches are my friends

Finish Strong changed my life. I hope that I can share my message to parents who are interested in helping their son’s grow. I’m hoping that they boys who are a part of Finish Strong can see how wonderful of an environment it is for these kids. I hope that young aspiring baseball players can have the same experience that I had. I cannot wait to be a continuing part of this program even when I am now in college.