Monthly Memberships and Getting Better Faster

The Force Elite Instructional Membership launched this month. Monthly memberships give players the incentive to learn and train more frequently in small group settings.  Many of our industry’s best minds, and most successful programs, have proven that this format of instruction to be superior to private lessons.  While transitioning to our membership program we won’t do away with private lessons altogether but we’re sure you’ll see the benefit of the membership program right away.

3 Reasons Memberships Are Better

You might be wondering why the change to memberships?  Here are three reasons monthly memberships make sense.

  1. Private lessons aren’t the most effective method of training
  2. Private lessons are cost prohibitive
  3. Students need more training and practice

Get Better Faster

When learning, or teaching, baseball we’re working with motor skills.  Motor skills aren’t developed through half hour, or hour, lessons once a week.  Students need exposure to instruction and training far more frequently than private lessons typically provide.  I’ve frequently witnessed my lesson students practicing on their own, or with their team, yet practicing the wrong way. In fact, they usually revert to old habits.  It isn’t that they don’t want to improve, it’s the fact that they don’t get enough work with the new concepts that they’re being taught in lessons.  

Cheaper than Private Lessons

Cost is another major drawback to private instruction.  Lets face it, private lessons are expensive and don’t allow your kids to maximize training. Monthly membership builds the ability for instructors to teach more, students to learn and practice more, and parents to afford the investment of a more frequent training regimen.


Our membership program will provide our students greater opportunity to hone their skills. Stay tuned to our social media outlets, and this blog, for results and more information about our endeavor.  We look forward to sharing our success stories, as well as more informative content moving forward.