2017 Classes and Clinics

Ground Ball Central *NEW TIME*

The MOST POPULAR class is back for a third session.

Ground Ball Central is a way for players to get a high volume of ground balls in a structured environment. This class is for serious infielders, ages 15-18.

Please contact Coach Mark Ramos with any questions. MarkR@ForceEliteBaseball.com

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Driveline: Throwing Program (15u – Professional)

Driveline Baseball’s “Hacking The Kinetic Chain” throwing program is a culmination of seven years of research and experimentation – both from their own and from external sources.  For pitchers and position players alike, all of the throwing-specific exercises were designed to help gently reorganize the mechanical patterns of athletes and nudge them in the right direction in terms of throwing harder with less chance of injury.

Athletes must learn how to properly throw a baseball before they need to worry about pitching a baseball.  Over-stressing the control portion of the throw leads to anxiety and makes the athlete “push” the baseball, which leads to decreased velocity output and significantly stunts the chances of future growth.

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Youth Driveline: Throwing Program (9u – 14u)

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Sluggers Developmental Baseball + GAME PLAY (9u – 12u)

Players will continue building solid fundamentals with age appropriate drills in various skills including fielding, hitting, and throwing/catching.

Additionally, players will work on intermediate skills during live game play. New teams are formed each class to help all players develop teamwork and communication skills. This program is open to boys and girls.

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MENS Open Workout (1/7 – 3/25)

Mens workout consists of groundballs, throwing and hitting.

Best Mens workout in Chicagoland!

$20 Pay at the door