Performance Training

Force Elite Performance Training: 2018 / 2019

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Force Elite Performance is a training environment for professional, collegiate, high school and youth  athletes to prepare for the rigors of the upcoming season.

All programs begin with a functional assessment to locate movement dysfunctions and improper firing patterns. A professionally designed program will be implemented to create proper firing patterns which will lead to an increase in strength, speed, stability and explosion throughout all sport specific movements. 

*Please note for all classes, payment plans are available. 

High School Summer Performance Program

 Price: $400

Session start times: June 10th - August 9th: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (excluding July 4th) at 11 AM at the Force Elite Baseball facility. Each session will run one hour.   

Summer High School Performance Program: Open to all high school aged athletes, our high school performance program is geared towards introducing proper weight lifting techniques for those entering high school any high school athlete who is getting into strength performance training. As well as continued growth for those who are returning to our program. Meeting three days a week, this in season program will help keep athletes on the field and strong, performing at their highest ability

*Note: Players can join in at any point to start the program. The program is adjusted to the number of months a player registers for. Once registration is complete, the program director will contact the player with schedule requests.

Force Elite Summer Youth and Middle School In-Season Speed and Agility Class 

(8 pack – $120, 12 pack – $150, 16 pack – $175)

Ages 9-11 (Youth)

Ages 12-14 (Middle School)

Session Start Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (excluding July 4th) mornings at 10 AM (Youth and Middle School sessions will take place at the same time, but working with separate trainers for more age specific training) at Force Elite Baseball (551 W Roosevelt Rd, West Chicago), the class will run an hour per session.

Starting June 10th and continuing through August 9thth Force Elite Baseball will be offering a progressive speed and agility class focused on baseball specific movements. Footwork, banded/resistance training, reaction training and basic strength development with proper movement patterning, will be the primary focus of the program to prepare the athletes for the demands of the long spring, summer and fall seasons ahead.


Individual and group training – Tuesday and Thursday (Individual Training – $60, 2-3 Athletes – $95, 4-6 Athletes – $120)

  • 4:00 PM Start

  • 9 AM-12 PM Sat (First come first serve)

*Classes will begin September 5th and continue year round

This program follows the same principles and design as the Performance Training. Athletes receive the benefits of individualized coaching while participating in a small group setting.

 CONTACT Coach Rob Currie for additional information: