Performance Training

Force Elite Performance Training: 20189/ 2020

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Force Elite Baseball Performance is offering a Fall/Winter performance training programs for youth, middle school and high school athletes looking to compete at the highest levels. Each athlete will be put through thorough functional movement screening before beginning their professionally structured and rigorous workout program to increase in strength, speed, stability and explosion throughout all baseball and sport specific movements.. Following Force Elite methodologies, the program will focus on progressing athletes through certified training and functional programing giving the athlete the opportunity to perform at their best.

*Please note for all classes, payment plans are available. 

High School Off-season Performance Program

  • Sessions will begin August 19, 2019 and end February 20, 2020

  • Sessions will be held: (spots will be limited with first come first serve basis)

    • Monday: 4, 5, 7 PM

    • Tuesday: 4, 5, 6, 7 PM

    • Thursday: 4, 5, 6, 7 PM

  • Pricing

    • Full 6 months: $1,000

    • Half (3Months): $550

*Note: Players can join in at any point to start the program. The program is adjusted to the number of months a player registers for. Once registration is complete, the program director will contact the player with schedule requests.

Volleyball Performance Training

The focus of the Volleyball performance training is to start with a foundation strength training and build up towards developing enhanced vertical jump performance, better landing mechanics and the ability to change direction with speed. Enhancing the athletes explosive leg power while improving leaping ability, defensive speed and improving the confidence and power behind hitting and blocking.

Days and Times (Starting the week of October 14th)

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 6pm

Introductory Program Pricing:

  • 8 Sessions - $100

  • 12 sessions - $125

  • 16 sessions - $150

Force Elite Youth and Middle School Off-season Speed and Agility Class 

Ages 9-11 (Youth)

Ages 12-14 (Middle School)

  • Sessions start August 19, 2019 and end February 19, 2020

  • Sessions held Monday and Wednesday at 6pm

  • Athletes can join at any point in the program

  • Pricing

    • 8 Sessions - $120

    • 12 Sessions - $150

    • 16 Sessions - $175

Softball Performance Training

Built off of Force Elite’s Baseball Performance training, Softball Performance is tailored to building softball specific speed and power to maximize each athlete’s reactive quickness, hitting, pitching and defensive abilities. All of these skills start from the ground up, by starting with proper movement, the athletes will be able to grow and maximize their potential as the program progresses.

Days and Times (Starting the week of October 14th)

  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 7pm

Introductory Program Pricing:

  • 8 Sessions - $100

  • 12 sessions - $125

  • 16 sessions - $150


Individual and group training – Tuesday and Thursday (Individual Training – $60, 2-3 Athletes – $95, 4-6 Athletes – $120)

  • 4:00 PM Start

  • 9 AM-12 PM Sat (First come first serve)

*Classes will begin September 5th and continue year round

This program follows the same principles and design as the Performance Training. Athletes receive the benefits of individualized coaching while participating in a small group setting.

 CONTACT Coach Rob Currie for additional information: