Force Elite Baseball Training



At Force Elite we have multiple options for your son to train and ultimately become a better ballplayer. Ground ball central, private lessons and small group membership training are just a few of our most popular options.

Force Elite Club Teams

Our mission is to offer an unparalleled comprehensive developmental baseball program. Force Elite Baseball provides an environment conducive to learning and accessibility to exceptional training facilities. 

Strength Performance

We create performance training programs that lead to an increase in strength, speed, stability and explosion throughout all sport specific movements while also helping your athlete keep from getting injured during the season.



Memberships are offered at all levels and age groups. Multiple areas of training are offered weekly, creating flexible scheduling for everyone. Player testing/assessments will be conducted to help design a customized development plan for each member.


Force Elite Baseball

Members of the Chicago Scouts Association, Force Elite is committed to providing exposure opportunities to our teams and players. Our dedicated staff provides a full off-season training program designed for player development. We focus on investing in our players to get them to the next level.


Strength Performance

From 9yrs to professional ranks, our strength performance will help you reach short & long term goals. Tailored workouts are structured in private, group, and team settings. Our certified staff will maximize each players strength and speed with regimented workouts.


Seasonal Camps

Our seasonal camps run during most holidays and school breaks. Campers will receive instructions in all areas of the game with skill competitions and game play! Contests and prizes will keep campers engaged and learn to compete.


Driveline Throwing Programs

Driveline is a comprehensive program that offers multiple areas of improvement to any player. Through corrective drills, players will learn to create more efficient arm paths and movements, resulting in high velocity with consistent arm action. Pitchers and position players will benefit greatly!