Private Lessons

Private Lessons

A great way to learn and develop your skills,  Force Elite Baseball offers  1 on 1 private baseball lessons with any of our coaches. Our coaches will work side by side with hitters/ pitchers/ catchers and infielders to prepare them for the next level.

Individual Instruction Packages (One on One):

  • 1-3 Hours: $115

  • 4-6 Hours: $100

  • FE Club Members $100

Tunnel Rental: Call to set up time.


Group Lessons

Group lessons are great for friends, siblings, or teammates. 2-3 or 4 on ones are a great way to learn with a teammate of the same position or same ability as you. It offers a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills in a controlled environment.

Baseball / Softball Group Instruction

  • $60/hour per student for 2 students

  • $50/hour per student for 3 students

  • $40/hour per student for 4 students

  • $35/ hour per student for 5 students 


To schedule a private lesson please email;