Coaching Philosophy

Communication is number 1. Our professional baseball staff understands that communicating (life) priorities, goals, and baseball theory will aid in student-athletes becoming better people in all aspects of life. Player development doesn’t just happen during “on field” exercises. Players will learn in a positive atmosphere and become students of the game, just like their coaches.

As former players, the Force Elite Baseball staff has knowledge of how to get “the most” out of their student-athletes. There is no doubt there will be “slumps” and mental mistakes, but the real learning, happens when Coaches and Players communicate… What did you learn from that? What are we going to do to make sure that doesn’t happen again?

All assistant coaches in the Force Elite Baseball program are current and/or former college players. We do this because there are things such as pre game, in game, and post game situations that benefits players as they are learning from someone who is currently playing at a higher level. This is also important to the program because these former Force Elite graduates know and understand what we expect from everyone associated with Force Elite Baseball.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer an unparalleled comprehensive developmental baseball program.  Force Elite Baseball realizes the importance to provide an environment conducive to learning, coaching to the individual and accessibility to exceptional training facilities.  We also remember other equally significant details such as child development, competitive arena management, and player character building.  This way, we provide every possible opportunity to allow our customers the ability to reach their athletic dreams. Whether we introduce the world of baseball to a beginner, raise a skill level for a recreational player, or challenge an advanced athlete; at Force Elite Baseball we inspire the people who train with us. Through training we teach that success is built upon performance attitude to Finish Strong.


At Force Elite Baseball, we use our own space. Never worry about getting reps in or scrambling to find a place to practice. We have our own 32,000 sq ft. facility conveniently located at 551 W. Roosevelt Rd. in West Chicago, Illinois.

Our “state of the art” TURF and wide open space, accommodates all types of team training. Utilize the Infield for team ground balls, pitching bullpens, or getting “a ton” of hacks in. The versatility of our facility is a staple of practice efficiency and quality. Let our highly trained and professional staff help your team achieve its goals by utilizing time, space, and demonstrating drills used by the pros. We also offer 1-on-1 private baseball lessons.

What are the perks of being a member at Force Elite Baseball?

Force Elite Baseball is overseen by industry professionals. All staff members have years of playing and coaching experience at the high school, college, and professional levels. We assist dedicated baseball players in reaching their dreams. We listen, communicate, and understand the “ups and downs” that are part of the game.

Members receive discounted one-on-one training, fall (seasonal) speed and agility training, fall-ball tournament teams, winter baseball practices (2 nights/week), winter pitching program, access to multiple College Showcases, and a summer travel baseball season dedicated to college recruitment.

Our main goal at Force Elite Baseball is to develop young men into heads up baseball players that are prepared for the next level, no matter what that may be. Our focus on teaching both the physical and mental aspects of the game will assist in the development of your student-athletes.